The dojo is locked and dark. Please stay home tonight. The roads are just too dangerous!

Two senseis waited at the dojo for an hour and only 4 karateka showed up. Please do not go to the dojo tonight. If you can, please tell any other members to stay home.

We’ll see you next week.


Class tonight has been cancelled.

If you are already there or on your way, there will be some Senseis there to have a workout with those who show up.

The grading date will definitely be rescheduled. Check here for more information in the days to come and we’ll let you know at class.

Stay safe.

Class Tonight

Holy Sudden Windstorm, Batman!!

Wow! The wind sure picked up this evening.

Yes, there IS class tonight. At least one of the Senseis will be there if anyone wants to come out.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON THE ROADS!!!!!!!! They are like glass covered with ice covered with blowing snow.

If you choose not to come tonight, that is fine. It will not affect your status for the grading that is coming up. We will also be revisiting the grading date and may move it back due to the poor weather this week. We’ll keep you informed.

Also, another reminder about the tournament coming up in Melitta, MB on January 19. More info to follow.