Last Class before Christmas break

Tomorrow night will be our last workout before the Christmas break. Be sure to come and get a good tune up before taking 2 weeks off!!

Also, just a reminder that we are now into Session 2 of our karate season. If you haven’t yet paid your fees, please do so. Any amounts owing will be noted on your sign in card.

A grading has been scheduled for January 15. Keep working over the break. We have only 1 class after the holiday to do final preparations for the grading. We return to karate on January 8, 2013!

Please consider participating in the “Teaching Tournament” hosted in Melitta, MB on January 19, 2013. It is an excellent, small tournament that is perfect for our younger karateka to get some tournament experience. It is also good for our higher ranking belts to develop some ring experience.

See you at the dojo.