Last Regular Class!

Today is the final regular class of the 2011-12 season! Remember that your gradings are being held the next two weeks. Be sure to come out and get those last minute pointers!

Next week, May 15, is the Just for Kicks grading AND after the grading, the club wind-up! Burgers and buns will be provided and everything else is potluck.

May 22 is the adult/junior kyu belt grading. The grading will begin at 6:30 so be sure to come and get warmed up ahead of time.

AND DON’T FORGET that before all this grading goodness, is the WEYBURN WADO-KAI KARATE TOURNAMENT. It is being held on Sunday, May 13 at the Weyburn Jr. High School (600 – 5th Street NE). What a great way to prepare for a grading! Having your kata judged by other senseis and participating in tournament kumite just 2 days prior to your grading is a great final tune-up! Sure it’s Mother’s Day… but what great mother wouldn’t understand the importance and dedication you’re showing by attending this nearby tournament?! Registration is from Noon till 1 p.m. The tournament begins immediately following registration.