WOW! Great Workout!

What a great workout on Friday night in Boissevain.

As always, the host dojo, Synthesis Karate, was well organized and gracious. The National Team was well cared for.

There were 8 or 10 guests at the workout, Sempai Kevin being the only karateka from Saskatchewan in attendance, along with the 12 or so members of the team and Sensei Ron Mattie, coach and Chief Instructor for SWKKF.

The workout started in full pads with line kumite where everyone circulated through the team members and Sensei Mattie… Twice! What a warm up! From there it was pads off and into working sequences of attack and defense against an imagined opponent. After a number of these “solo” drills, the workout moved into “two-step” with partners and ran the same drills together.

The drills were intricate and intense with Sensei Mattie not compromising the team’s workout to accommodate the guest participants. All of the team Senseis were very helpful during the kumite and drills by giving many individual tips and much feedback to help the kyu belts improve. Following the workout, even many of the team members were hobbling out of the dojo with sore feet and legs!

Perhaps the best line of the night came from Sensei Jeff Gervin (Godan) when he said, “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss the skin off my feet the most!”

Thank you to Sensei Jeff and the members of Synthesis Karate in Boissevain for hosting the team and providing the opportunity for a great experience!