Keep Working!

Well, we just had our first Tuesday without a regular karate class. What a strange feeling not to be grabbing the gi bag and heading out to the dojo.

But don’t feel like you HAVE to stop working out just because the regular classes are over. Keep your Tuesdays open and use the time to go through some basics like dachi, uke, tsuki, and geri. Then finish up by going through all the kata that you know. Can’t remember what all that Japanese means? Just go check out the “Dictionary” page of our main web site

Run your own workout like the classes at the dojo. You’ll feel better by staying in shape and be that much more ready when next season starts!

Want a really nice feeling? Do all of this in your back yard, barefoot in the grass! So long as your backyard isn’t flooded with water, that is!! Although that would add some good resistance training!