Great Tournament! Now…

Thank you to everyone who participated in and a helped out at the tournament this past weekend! It was great to be back on the floor with old friends and new friends! Photos will be posted soon.

Now that the tournament is over, we can really focus on THE GRADING! Our next grading is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, 2022. It will begin at the regular scheduled class time, but may run slightly late. So the Just for Kicks students may be grading until a little later than 7:30 and the next class grading may begin just a little late. Make sure you’re practicing your kata at home and asking questions in class if there is something of which you are unsure. Please remember… if a student is not present at a grading, they will not be advanced in belt rank.

Today is also the last night of session 1. SESSION 2 BEGINS NEXT TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2022. In order to be eligible for the grading, all session fees and other outstanding fees must be paid up. Payment can be made tonight at class, or at class next week.

Gi bags for sale! The club has purchased a small number of bags for club members to purchase. They will be embroidered with the club logo and can be personalized with the member’s name. There are 2 sizes of bags. We have 1 medium sized bag and 5 large sized bags remaining. The medium bags are $80 and the large bags are $90 (embroidery included). Sensei Kevin and Sensei Jayson both have the medium size bag that you can see at class. The large size bag is an excellent bag to transport all of your karate equipment and gi together. The medium sized bag is more suited to smaller items like pads and water bottles. Adding a gi to the medium sized bag fills it almost completely. Both are beautiful bags made by Under Armour. Here is a picture of the bag and a photo of the logo embroidered on the top of the opening. Your name can be embroidered on the side of the bag. They look great!