Regular Classes Continuing…

Regular classes are able to continue in our dojo. We have been doing a good job with the provincial regulations so far, so here is just a reminder and update on what you need to know to attend your karate classes.

  1. ALL karateka, including instructors, should enter the dojo already wearing a face mask. The mask can be removed when the workout begins but must be put back on as soon as the workout is over.
  2. Physical Distancing requirements have now been increased to 3 meters between participants. We have lots of room in our dojo so this won’t be a problem. This distance must be maintained throughout the workout so there will be no partner work until the regulations are updated.
  3. Absolutely no mixing of our “cohort” groups. This means that if you are scheduled for class on Tuesday evening you may only attend that class.

We appreciate that some of the provincial regulations may not appeal to everyone, however, we need to follow these regulations or risk being shut down. We are so grateful to have been able to open our new Carlyle Martial Arts Centre. We don’t want to take any chances on it being closed.

See you at the dojo!