2020-21 Registration Form

Here is the registration form for the upcoming karate season.

2020-21 Registration Form

The Moose Mountain Karate Club is undergoing MANY changes this year, so we ask for your patience as we work through any glitches in our system. 


ALL students and instructors are required to set up a “Profile” on the shintani.ca website. This is mainly for insurance purposes, but also helps the Federation track the progress of the membership. These profiles must be complete BEFORE students begin training. If you have trouble setting up a profile, please ask a Sensei to assist you. The link is provided below.

Shintani Federation Profile Set-up

After the students have a profile on shintani.ca, and our classes have begun, the Sensei will then “Register” the students on the Federation web site and the appropriate passbooks and registration stickers will be sent to us.

We are very excited to begin training in our new “Carlyle Martial Arts Centre” and look forward to seeing everyone back in the dojo!