Great Weekend!

What a great weekend of karate! LOTS  of pictures at the end of this post!

We started on Friday afternoon with a SWKKF Instructor Clinic beginning at 1:00 pm led by Sensei Ron. We followed that with the Jr. tournament clinic led by Sensei Denis. The Adult tournament clinic this year became a SWKKF Kata Clinic led by Sensei Ron doing kumsho with the black belts and Sensei Darren Humphries doing seisho with the kyu belts. It was a great start to the weekend!

Saturday was our 34th annual tournament with all the fun stuff that goes on at those. It was great to have all of the black belts from the instructor clinic there to help us out!

Sunday was part 2 of the Instructor Clinic doing the practical aspect of the clinic with actual students in a dojo. Everyone in attendance learned a lot! It was great!

Thank you to Sensei Denis, Sensei Ron, Sensei Darren,  Sensei Jeff Gervin, Sensei Jeremy Johnson and the other black belts for all your help over the weekend!

Most importantly, thank you so much to all of the volunteers who helped us so much with the clinics and tournament! We have a great group of people here, and we are so grateful for everything you do for our club!


It’s tournament weekend here in Carlyle! Things are getting busy fast!

We are starting things off with Part 1 of a SWKKF Instructor Clinic from 1:00 to 5:00 this afternoon. That will be followed by our regular tournament clinics this evening.

The under 12 years old clinic goes from 6:30 to 7:30 pm; 12 and up clinic from 7:30 to 9:30 pm tonight, Friday, November 22, 2019.

Saturday, November 23, is our Annual Provincial Wado Kai Karate Tournament.

Bow in is at 10:00 am immediately followed by the black belt divisions. Those are always fun to watch!

The Youth (age 5 and up) kyu (coloured) belt divisions will begin around 11:00 am.

The tournament banquet will take place after the tournament events are completed at Kuzina Restaurant on Main Street in Carlyle.

All tournament events take place at Gordon F. Kells High School in Carlyle. Please enter through the rear, gym doors.

See you at the dojo!

Regular Classes this week and TOURNAMENT!

We will have regular classes this week, but…

Next week, November 26, Just for Kicks class at 6:30 will be cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the school. The regular jr/adult class at 7:30 will continue, but may begin a little late.


The tournament is this coming weekend!! We still need some volunteers to be “students” for the instructor clinic on Sunday, November 24. This will be a great opportunity for you to work closely with a higher ranking belt on many techniques and your kata. Perfect for the grading coming up in December! We need people to be at the regular Elementary School dojo ready for a 9:00 am start. All of our students orange belt and up should strongly consider attending this free instructional clinic.

We also need some older students or parents to help us out at the scoring tables. This is not a difficult job but does involve a little math using a calculator for tallying the kata scores. We appreciate any and all help!

Please don’t forget to bring your small raffle table prize to class this week so it can be prepared and set up before the start of the tournament.

Here is the information poster and the registration form for the tournament.

2019 Tournament Reg Form

Carlyle Prov Tourney Flyer – 2019

See you at the dojo!

Regular Class Tonight

Don’t forget it’s Tuesday!!

We’ll have the sign-up sheets there for tournament volunteers as well tonight.

We also need “Students” of all ranks to help us out with the Instructor Clinic on Sunday, November 24 starting around 10:00 am. This is a great opportunity for you to work closely with higher ranking belts on various aspects of your karate. There will be a sign up sheet for that as well.

See you at the dojo!

Tournament Information


Carlyle Prov Tourney Flyer – 2019

2019 Tournament Reg Form

It would be great if all of our own members could attend the tournament either on both days, Friday and Saturday, or even just one of the days. It’s a great opportunity to learn from some very high ranking black belts, and to meet other karateka who are sharing the experiences you are.

It’s a fun weekend with lots going on! We’ll have draws for our raffle table prizes, the draw for the katana, the tournament events, plus visitors attending an interprovincial SWKKF Instructor Clinic!

It is an excellent weekend to have fun, meet new people, share your karate experience, and learn some new things all at once!

We still need some volunteers for various things at the tournament. We can take care of that at the next few classes!

See you at the dojo!

Double the Fun!

There is regular class tonight


Class again on Thursday. JFK (age 5,6,7) at 6:30 pm and the Jr/Adult (age 8+) at 7:30 pm at the regular dojo.

The tournament is coming up fast, so please consider bringing a small gift for our prize table and giving it to Sempai Laurie at class. We will also have sign-up sheets for some other jobs that we need help to cover. We appreciate your help.

We also need “students” of all belt ranks to help us out with the Instructor Clinic on Sunday, November 24. These students will receive a great deal of one-on-one attention with participants of the clinic as they work on their instructional techniques. It is a great opportunity to work closely with a higher belt rank. We’ll have a sign-up sheet for that as well.

See you at the dojo!