Class, Tickets, and Tournaments!

Regular class tonight at the Carlyle dojo!

Please return ALL snowmobile rally ticket books sold or unsold TODAY. The event organizers need these to organize their event. 😉 

The following is a list of upcoming tournaments that are regularly attended by our members. We encourage everyone to participate in tournaments at every rank. That is how you extend your “Karate family”. You will develop your “tournament family”; those people that you compete with at tournaments throughout your progression through the ranks. Tournaments are a great opportunity to challenge yourself to step out of the comfort zone of our dojo. It is also a great opportunity to receive advice and feedback from other Sensei who may see something we miss simply because we see you every week. If you participated in the club fund-raising events, we can also help subsidize your tournament participation by covering registration and other costs as our funds allow.

There will be a sign-up sheet at class tonight for those interested in participating in the South Calgary Annual Tournament at the beginning of March. This will be a “group” event and the club will attempt to cover as much of the costs as we can. Depending on the number of people interested, we will look at various methods of transportation for our group. The tournament is coming up fast, so please be sure to sign up.


January 25/26 – Regina

February 15/16 – Hamiota (Manitoba provincial – online registration available now)

March 1/2 – Calgary

March 16 – Melita, MB

April 5/6 – Living Skies (Saskatoon/Warman – Held in Warman)

May 3/4 – Melfort

May 24/25 – Shintani Memorial National Tournament (Simcoe, ON)

Information for all these events can be found online at and will be posted here on our website as the tournaments draw near.