… to everyone who participated in the grading on Tuesday! The process of simply participating in a grading is a great demonstration of character for a karateka.

Congratulations, also, to all those who advanced in rank. The belts we wear in the dojo are lasting evidence of the hard work we have done, and the commitment we have shown to our karate training. Way to go!

If you didn’t advance, try not to look at it like a failure. Instead, approach it as an opportunity to do even better at the next grading. Your Sensei look at many aspects of your karate development when deciding to advance your rank. Whatever the reason, they have your best karate interests at heart, and ultimately want to see you do well. Awarding a student a rank for which they aren’t ready is actually more of a disservice than a favour.

Remember… karate-do is a “way” not a destination.