Regular Class Tonight; More Tournament Prep; Jacket orders due!

Happy karate day (Tuesday)!

As we continue to prepare for our tournament at the end of the month, please remember to pick up a small item for our prize table.

There will be sign up sheets for various aspects of the tournament as well. We always need volunteers to help with scoring/timing, the canteen, etc. None of the jobs are difficult and there is lots of experienced people around to help if you have any questions, so please sign up. 

We will continue to work on tournament procedures/etiquette along with more practice in kumite and the kata you will be performing. All of this all leads up to our grading in early December! Don’t hesitate to speak to a Sensei if you are having trouble with a kata or a certain technique. They’re happy to help!

Jacket orders are due today! Please bring your order form AND payment to class.

See you at the dojo!

Carlyle Prov Tourney Flyer – 2018

2018 Tournament Reg Form