Regular Class Tonight!

Now that classes are in full-swing, be sure to check out our Code of Conduct page for guidelines for our karateka (students) and yodansha (black belts).

Also make sure that you are adhering to the karate clothing and hygiene guidelines. Wearing a gi is preferred; it should be white. If you don’t yet have a gi, please make sure that you are wearing sweats that do NOT drag on the floor (you could slip), and an appropriate t-shirt. ALL jewelry should be removed. If it cannot be removed, it should be taped. Finger/toe nails should be trimmed fairly short. No one wants a scar from someone’s toe nail!

Remember that karate class is a time to clear your mind of other distractions. Focus on the techniques you are performing, and always try to make the next repetition better than the previous one.

One of the most important things about karate class… SHOW UP! That doesn’t mean just to be physically in the dojo. It also means show up to work hard, to learn something new, to improve a previously learned skill, to spend time with like-minded people all working hard, and to HAVE FUN!

See you at the dojo!