Congratulations, Sensei Denis!

We received this email from the Federation this morning!

For Immediate Release Internal Announcement

The Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation Senate is pleased to announce after a long overdue decision, that Sensei Denis Labbé has been awarded the rank of Kudan (9th dan).

Sensei Labbé has been a long time leader in the SWKKF and for many years assisted Hanshi Shintani in the operations of his organization. After the passing of our founder Hanshi Shintani,  Sensei Labbé was presented his 8th dan and became our president and CEO. He continues to lead our federation world wide.

Please join us in congratulating Sensei Labbé on his outstanding accomplishments, his unselfish leadership and most of all, this prestigous advancement.

In Harmony,
Sensei Jim Atkinson Vice- President Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation

Senate Members: Jim Atkinson, Ron Mattie, Bruce Perkins, Brad Cosby, Danial McCoy, Heather Fidyk, Neil Prime, Michel Gosselin, Brian Chmay and President Denis Labbé
Senate Advisors: Peter Ruch, Rick Leveille, Danny McCoy