Great Tournament!

Congratulations to everyone who participated and volunteered at the tournament this weekend! It was another very successful event that wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our members and their families! Well done!

We would also like to thank all of our visitors from other towns and dojos who participated in the tournament this weekend! It is always great to have our extended karate family join us for a fun weekend of great karate! Thank you for coming!

A huge “Thank You” to Sensei Denis for attending our clinic and tournament again this year. It is always nice to workout and visit with Sensei.

Along with Sensei Denis, we wish to thank all of the visiting Senseis who came to the clinic and tournament, and graciously donated their time to the success of this event. We always welcome your visits. Please don’t just wait for a tournament to pop in!!

We would like to acknowledge a few special award winners from the weekend.

The Clint McFarlane Memorial Trophy is presented annually at our tournament. The recipient is voted on by the black belts and can be anyone involved with the tournament from any club in attendance. In a nut shell, it is presented to that person(s) whom you would most like to be met by Sensei Shintani. This year, the recipient of the Clint McFarlane Memorial Trophy is the Flynn Family from Carlyle – Moose Mountain Wado Kai Karate Club. Congratulations!

Each year, we ask Sensei Denis to choose 6 recipients to receive a “Division” trophy. These are awarded to a single person who may not necessarily win in their division, but demonstrates those qualities that Sensei Shintani held most dear… spirit, humility, courtesy, respect. There is a male and female recipient from each of our divisions. The following are the 2017 Division Trophy recipients:

Just for Kicks – Female: Kaitlyne Dolphin (Moose Mountain); Male: Everett Smith (Boissevain)

Junior – Female: Ally Newfield (Boissevain); Male: Blake Robertson (Moose Mountain)

Adult Kyu belt – Female: Shelley Scott (Hamiota); Male: Matthew William (Hamiota)

Congratulations to everyone for an excellent event! We hope to see you all back next year!