Tournament Week!

The tournament is this weekend!!

Make sure you’re practicing your katas at home and be sure to ask a Sensei if you have any questions about them.

Please remember to bring your small gift for the prize table, and be sure to sign up for a little volunteer help somewhere. There aren’t many jobs to be done, so with lots of us helping, they should all be quick and easy!

We will need people to work the scoring/time-keeping tables. Please speak to a Sensei if you are interested in helping out that way. Even if you can only help at a table for a short time, that is great also!

Please let Juanita know if you are planning to attend the banquet. We need to know approximate numbers so that we make sure to have enough food.

Here are the forms:



Regular class this week.

See you at the dojo!

Here’s a video of some of the kumite from a previous tournament.