Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Black Belt grading this weekend. All of our students looked really good on the floor.

We especially wish to congratulate our 3, brand new Senseis! Congratulations Sensei Rolland, Sensei Rick, and Sensei Payton! Your hard work has paid off! We are super proud of you!

We would also like to congratulate Sensei Quinn and Sensei Savanna for achieving the rank Nidan (2nd degree black belt) this weekend as well! We are so happy that you are continuing to learn about karate and continue developing your skills! You guys are awesome role models for other karateka!

There were 11 candidates at this grading hoping either to receive their black belt (shodan – 1st degree), or to move on to a higher dan ranking. All 11 candidates were successful!

Thank you to Sensei Ron, Sensei Darren, and Sensei Jeff for heading up the joseki (grading) board which also included Sensei Cheryl from Calgary, Sensei Crystal from Saskatoon, and Sensei Jon from Melfort. We always enjoy your visits to our club! You are always welcome at our dojo!

We also thank all of the MMWKK members who helped out in various ways throughout the weekend. Without active members, we could not do the things we do! You guys are awesome!

Congratulations for an excellent grading event.

See you at the dojo!