Classes begin TODAY!

Regular classes begin today!

Just for Kicks (age 5, 6, 7) from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

Jr/Adult (age 8 up) from 7:30 to 9:00 pm.

Our regular dojo is the Carlyle Elementary School gym. Please use the North gym doors off of the bus parking lot to enter the dojo.

If this is your first karate class, please remember the following:

Karate is practiced in bare feet. Please leave your shoes in the entry foyer or at the edge of the gym. We need to keep the dojo floor as clean as we can.

Please remove all jewellery and piercings if possible. This is as much for your safety as it is for your training partners.

If you don’t yet own a karate gi, a t-shirt and sweats are fine. Try to wear sweats that don’t extend much past the ankles. Wear a shirt that can be grabbed and yanked.

Please trim your finger and toe nails. You’d be surprised at the kind of scar a rogue toenail can leave on a training partner.

Groin protection is highly recommended for all karate students. Home Hardware in Carlyle usually has several different kinds in stock.

Most importantly… be patient… some techniques can be confusing at first, but with practice will become second nature. 

Have fun!

See you at the dojo!