New Duffle Bag/Backpack orders… Congratulations… Session 3

We are offering another order for duffle bags and backpacks. 

Due to limited colour availability by Under Armour, we can only offer black for this order.

ALL bags/backpacks will come with the club logo. Duffle bags may also be embroidered with a single line of text like your name or nickname under the logo. At this time, there is only room for the logo on the backpacks.

We need a minimum of 12 pieces to be ordered to receive the pricing on the order form. If there are fewer than 12, we will be in touch with the price change.

Orders must be turned in, WITH PAYMENT, by March 14, 2017. Here’s the order form:


SESSION 3 begins next week. Please make sure your fees are up-to-date.

Congratulations to “Sempai Ethan” and “Sempai Sydney” on receiving their brown belts!

See you at the dojo!