Abernethy = Awesome! #iainabernethy

Sensei Savanna and Sensei Kevin attended a seminar in Winnipeg by world renowned “practical” karate expert, Sensei Iain Abernethy.

Sensei Iain is an expert in “real world” application of karate techniques as shown to us in our various katas.

The workshop was incredible! Sensei Iain is wealth of martial knowledge. He has intimate knowledge of kata and many ways that we can take the somewhat stylized techniques and use them for defence and protection. He also has great knowledge of the history of karate and the martial arts. He shares both freely and with great zest and interest.

The photo with the large group is the entire group of participants at the seminar. The smaller group photo are the Shintani Federation members who attended (we are missing 4 or 5 out of that pic).

Shintani at Abernethy 2 Abernethy Group Pic

Some Quotes from the Iain Abernethy seminar

Sensei Iain (@IainAbernethy) is not only a highly skilled martial artist, but also a knowledgeable historian of karate and  the development of martial arts. The following are only a few of the verbal tidbits given on day 1 of his seminar. 

An actual fight is anything but organized. To be truly successful in a self-defense situation you must train for and embrace the chaos. 

Keep your opponent in front you, but don’t be in front of your opponent. 

The martial arts were not meant to be used with/against other trained martial artists, but in defense of attack by villains and ruffians. (This is a paraphrase of a teaching by one of the first masters of karate)

More to come.