Another great season!

Thanks to all of our karateka for another great season of training!

We believe that karate gives you what you give to karate, and this year we saw a lot of people giving it all in every class!

Keep checking this blog, or subscribe for instant emails when it is updated, for updates and stories over the summer. We may even have an occasional work out.

As we continue to prepare for our 30th Annual Provincial tournament in November, we’re asking you for a little help… If you know ANYONE who has EVER attended the tournament in Carlyle, please invite them to join us this November 20/21 (especially on the evening of the 20th) for a very special 30th Anniversary tournament.

We encourage you to keep working your katas and techniques over the summer so that you are not re-learing things when you return to classes in September.

Take care and keep working!

See you at the dojo!