Manitoba Provincial this weekend!

Just a reminder that the Manitoba Provincial Wado Kai Karate tournament is being held this weekend in Hamiota, MB.

Be sure to check the requirements regarding kumite competition before you go to ensure that you have the necessary equipment.

Good luck to everyone!

Here’s the Manitoba Provincial Tournament Info Update and list of requirements:


The information posted below are the requirements from Karate Manitoba to which we must adhere in order to hold the Shintani tournament this year.

Most of the information is the same as our tournament, but there are 2 significant differences:

1) Glasses may not be worn during kumite matches.

2) Foot and shin pads MUST be worn by ALL competitors 12 years and older. We sell these, but if we have to order them from Shintani Central Purchasing they may not arrive in time for the tournament. You could see if you could borrow some from someone else if this is the case for you. It is a good idea to have these anyway. Please contact one of the Senseis if you plan to attend this tournament and require leg pads or have other questions.

Most of the rest of the listed safety standards are the same as we follow. For example:

– Everyone MUST have hand pads AND mouth guards.

– Chest protection is optional.

– ALL male competitors age 14 and over MUST wear groin protection. We encourage that ALL male competitors, regardless of age, wear a protective cup.

– Groin protection is strongly encouraged for female competitors as well.



Medical declaration form must be filled out by each individual and be signed by their own signature if they are an adult (18+) and must be signed by a parent/guardian if they are under the age of 18.

Competitions Area

– Mats are not mandatory but strongly recommended that they be 1m*1m, 1 inch thick, interlocking and need not be WKF approved.

 -The safety area will be a minimum of 1m around the competition area

Body Protector/Chest Protector

– The use of WKF style body protectors and chest protector is recommended but optional

Face Masks

– The use of facemasks is prohibited unless otherwise noted in the competition rules for that competition


– To ensure the safety of the competitors, glasses are not allowed during kumite bouts.

– Regular glasses may be worn during kata competition.

– Soft contact lenses can be worn at the competitor’s own risk

Medical Personnel

– All competitions must ensure a qualified emergency medical personnel are present for the entirety of the competition


– Groin protection is mandatory for all male competitors 14 years of age and older.

– Gum shield (mouth guard) is compulsory for competitors

– Gloves/fist protectors must be foam filled and vinyl covered WKF style. Cloth or leather gloves are not permitted. (This is the same as our rules)

– The use of WKF style shin/instep pads is mandatory for all competitors 12 years of age and older.

– Competitors may wear religious head coverings if approved by the Chief Official. The head coverings can only cover the hair/head but cannot cover the throat area. A letter of request must be signed by the competitor or their parent/guardian if the competitor is under the age of 18, and submitted by the registration deadline.