The Melita tournament is being held on Saturday, January 24, 2015 in Melita, MB. 

9:00 – Score Keeping workshop – although it may not seem that important, our Federation is moving towards a method of certifying score keepers and judges. This clinic will help in that regard.

10:00 – Self Defense with Sensei Alby – this session is aimed primarily at females over 13, but is an excellent self-defense session for anyone. Sensei Kevin has done these sessions with Sensei Alby before and has said that they are excellent for anyone who wishes to learn some self-defense techniques.

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 pm – Tournament begins – This is an excellent tournament for many of our younger students to get used to tournament participation. There are many young people there and it really is a lot of fun. Sensei Alby and his organizers do a great job!


This year, this event is being hosted in Hamiota, MB on February 27/28, 2015 and will have a similar format to our tournament.

Sensei Denis Labbe will be leading a clinic on the Friday night and the tournament will follow on Saturday. The information flyer can be downloaded here: Manitoba Provincial 2015 and on our “Events” page. 

Both of these events are excellent, give an opportunity to test and show off your karate skills, provide events to include in your Federation Pass Book (once you receive it), and are close!!

See you there!