New Procedures This Season

In an effort to streamline operations of the club we have decided to implement a little more modern technology into our dojo.

Along with a new “Electronic Sign-in” system, we hope to update our student database and enhance our communication methods. To achieve this, we have added an “Email” section to our Registration 2013-14 and would appreciate it if all members who have an email address could include it on their registration form.

The main purpose of these new methods is to reduce the bulk and help organize the “karate stuff” that the Senseis carry around in the “karate bags”. The electronic sign-in will also help track student attendance for grading purposes and will help keep track of our merchandise orders.

You may have to be patient and bear with us as the Senseis learn the nuances of the new system but we are confident that these changes will allow the Senseis to concentrate more on Karate than on business management!


A mistake was made on the Registration form that was uploaded to our site last night! The sign-in dates were not updated for this year!! They are last year’s dates.

The form will be updated and re-uploaded today. Please do not use the form that was posted yesterday.

Just an FYI, the club is planning to move to an electronic method of sign-in this year. We’ll see if we can slowly bring the operations of the club into the 21st century!!



Registration night will be held at the dojo (Carlyle Elementary School gym) on Tuesday, September 10 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

Classes will begin on Tuesday, September 17. The times will remain the same:

Just for Kicks – 6:30 to 7:30pm
Adult/Jr – 7:30 to 9:00 pm

You can download the Registration 2013-14 and bring it with you to the registration night or the first workout. Fees are due at registration.

Here’s the latest news on the gi bags… As a result of our extension of the order deadline, we ended up placing our order exactly when Under Armour was rolling out their NEW LINE of duffle bags. Under Armour Canada was a little slower getting the new bags to the consumers. As we stand now, some of the bags have arrived so we’re waiting for ALL the bags to arrive before we send them for embroidery. Shipping is expensive. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer. Our supplier is also frustrated with how long this order has taken.

We appreciate your patience as we await the arrival of the last few bags. We, the club, make every effort to make purchases locally and sometimes that may mean a little extra patience.