Great Year!

Congratulations to all of our members for an excellent year of karate! Everyone has shown such great improvement in their karate skills and, hopefully, had some fun doing it!

We had another terrific tournament attended by karateka from Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba; we had a very successful grading in which many of our members were awarded new belts or stripes; many of our members attended several tournaments in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba; and we welcomed 2 new black belts to our club: Senseis Kevin and Savanna! All in all, a pretty successful year.

Next week is our club wind up. No gi’s are needed. We’ll be having a barbeque and enjoying the company of our karate family. The Coffey family is providing the club with their famous burgers so please bring whatever you would like to eat along with the burgers to share with the rest of the members. Kind of a pot luck.

Be sure to keep up your karate over the summer! Remember that it only takes a few minutes to run through your katas and go through some of the basic techniques.

Keep checking this blog over the summer. Every once-in-a-while it is updated with info or interesting new “Words of Wisdom”.

See you at the dojo!