Congratulations on a good grading!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the grading last night!

Even though not everyone was graded up, it gave the Senseis a good opportunity to see where everyone is at with their techniques and kata. It also gives us an opportunity to evaluate ourselves and determine if we worked our hardest through the whole grading and can take the suggestions of the senseis and make improvements for the next grading.

Sensei Kevin has always said, “Don’t treat a grading as if it were just another class. Treat every class as if it were a grading.”

There WILL be class next Tuesday, February 19. It will not count as a formal class for the sign-in book but if you would like to come and workout there will be a Sensei there to work with you.

February 26 will be the last day to turn in Shirt order forms. We will be taking orders for new Gi Bags as well for those interested.

See you at the dojo.