Last Class for “Just for Kicks” and More Dates to Remember.

MAY 17  – This Tuesday, May 17, will be the last class of the year for the “Just for Kicks” group. It’s hard to believe the regular karate season is almost over and summer holidays are just around the corner!

MAY 24 – KYU (colored) BELT GRADING on Tuesday, May 24. The grading will begin at 6:00 p.m. so be sure to arrive early and do some stretching so you are ready to go. Everyone is asked to make sure their club fees are paid, including a $15 grading fee if you plan on being graded. Members with outstanding fees may not be eligible for grading.

MAY 31 – CLUB WIND-UP! 6:00 p.m.  For all members of Moose Mountain Wad0-Kai Karate this year from “Just for Kicks” right through to our Senseis.

Everyone who attends is asked to bring a food item like a salad or chips and a non-alcoholic beverage. The club will provide the main course. Come out and enjoy a supper with your fellow karateka.