Next Week…


Make sure everyone is there and ready to go for 6:3o. That means that everyone has signed in before 6:30 and is ready to line up.

Be prepared for the grading to run a little over the regular alotted time. The senseis need to view and evaluate everyone in their techniques, kata, and kumite so naturally this can take a while.

The gradings are a very useful tool for everyone. It allows the senseis to see what areas need more attention, the karateka gets feedback on their level of achievement, and, should the karateka be graded up to a new belt rank or receive a stripe, the gradings can be very rewarding.

The grading will be followed by an Optional adult/jr class for those interested in getting one last workout before Christmas.

The Jr/Adult grading will take place shortly after we return from Christmas break.

See you Tuesday and Good Luck in your gradings.