Black Belt Workout

Well done, Sempais!

Sempais Kevin, Savanna, and Quinn attended a black belt workout on Sunday, June 3, in Boissevain. The workout was led by Sensei Jeff Gervin and Sensei Scott Lints and covered many areas from Kunite to Kata. The workout was also attended by 2 other brown belts and 3 other Senseis from Manitoba. It was an excellent opportunity for very personal attention as our Sempais prepare for their black belt grading.


… to everyone who participated in last night’s grading. It was a great work-out and the Senseis gave everyone ample opportunity to show their “stuff”!

Some showed it more than others!! OR should we say, fancy “floor” work, Sempai?

Thanks to all of our members for a fantastic karate season. Now let’s make next year even better!

But don’t let your karate go stale over the summer. Like Funakoshi said, “Karate is like boiling water, if you do not heat it constantly, it will cool.” He means to constantly work on your karate. Now that classes are finished until September, it is up to us to do our own work-outs. It only takes a few minutes to run the kata and go through the techniques that we know. Start slowly and work on form and position and then go “hard and fast”.

We look forward to seeing everyone back in the fall. Keep checking here for updates and informational items during our time off. Use the email link on the right to be notified of updates to this blog.

See you in the fall!!


There is a make-up class tonight at the dojo. This is in place of the class missed last night for the Just for Kicks grading. Class will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Congratulations to all of the Just for Kicks karateka who participated in the grading! Great work, everyone!

REMEMBER, the kyu belt grading is next Tuesday, May 22.

Final Classes of the Season!

Here is a breakdown of the final classes of the 2011-12 season:

May 8 – Regular class.

May 15 – grading for Just for Kicks (grading form is not necessary but students must have consistent attendance to be eligible for advancement.
Windup for all classes following the JFK grading. Burgers and buns will be supplied – POTLUCK for everything else.
– This is the last JFK class of the year.

May 22 – Kyu (colored) Belt Grading (white to brown) – Fees must be up-to-date and a completed “Grading Application” with $15 (covers cost of the belt) must be submitted prior to grading. The forms can be picked up on the sign-in table at the work outs.

It was great to have Sensei Andrew back as a punching bag…. um, instructor… again. He just completed his first year of university. Welcome back, Sensei!

Great Workout and Tournament Update

Great workout tonight, everyone! Tai-sabaki is a key component in our style of karate.

Here are the details for the Weyburn Tournament:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weyburn Junior High – 600 – 5th ST NE

 Registration – Noon till 1 pm.

It would be great to see many karateka from our club attend this nearby event!


Sensei Joan is asking everyone to bring their “Passport Book” to the workout tomorrow night. The new books are in and it’s time to update!

Also, remember that we are into the 3rd session so please remember to pay any outstanding fees.

See you tomorrow.