Session 3 Begins… Masks Not Required

Session 3 begins this Tuesday. Please bring your fees.

In accordance with the new covid protocols, masks are no longer required at the dojo. However, the dojo remains mask friendly, so anyone wishing to continue wearing a mask is welcome to do so. We also continue to encourage members to remain home if they are feeling unwell.

Planning is underway for a “club tournament” and a grading, so March should be an exciting month!

See you at the dojo!

Session 2 Final Class

Today is the last class in session 2. There is no class next week during the school break.

Session 3 begins on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Please be sure to pay your fees as soon as possible.

We will post information regarding changes to our masking policy soon. Keep checking for the latest information.

New Words of Wisdom

“Every movement in karate is performed with the whole body; never with the four limbs. Thus, punch with the body, kick, defend, stand, pivot, and walk with the whole body. This cannot be expressed on paper with my pen. The only way to gain this skill is through practice.” – Sensei Hironori Otsuka Wado Ryu Karate