Regular Class This Week

We’re back to our regularly scheduled classes this week.

Our tournament is a little over a month away so we’ll be finalizing arrangements in the classes ahead. Just a reminder to our new, and returning, karateka that this is the Provincial Wado Kai tournament and volunteers are needed to help everything run smoothly.

We strongly encourage ALL of our members to participate in this tournament and other Shintani tournaments; even our very youngest members! Jump in right away. Don’t “… wait for next year.” The Shintani tournaments and clinics are all great events to meet new people who share a common interest. In fact, it’s kind of an unwritten Shintani law that you must make a new friend at every event you attend. The tournaments are wonderfully supportive and full of people who have been, or are currently in, the same stage of karate development as you. We all know the struggles of trying to learn a tricky kata (or completely blowing your kata in a tournament) or technique which makes us all uniquely qualified to support each other as we progress through the ranks.

Give the tournament a try; especially the Friday night clinic. You’ll be glad you did!

See you at the dojo.


Just a reminder that, due to Missoula Children’s Theatre rehearsals, there are no karate classes today.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t do any karate today! You can still practice your kata and the techniques that you know. Home practice is encouraged to help karateka progress faster and master the skills they are being taught.

We’ll see you all next week!

What a great night…

… for a bottle drive!!

A super “big boy kiai” goes out to everyone who helped out with the bottle drive tonight! What a great turnout!

An extra special thank you to those of you who were sorting this evening! That’s not always the most pleasant job but everyone dug in and worked hard!

We completely filled a 20 foot enclosed trailer tonight!

Here are some photos and a short video.


Bottle Drive 3

Bottle Drive 2

Bottle Drive 1

Excellent Class… Bottle Drive… and NO KARATE NEXT WEEK!

Great work this week, everyone! It was great to see everyone working hard and having fun at the same time. 

Please remember to show up and help out at the BOTTLE DRIVE on Friday afternoon. Please meet at the dojo doors and be ready to head out by 4:00 pm!


The school is hosting the Missoula Children’s Theatre next week and they’ll be rehearsing in the gym. We will resume regular class on Tuesday, October 28.

Gi Orders and Jacket Payment

During tonight’s classes we’ll be taking orders for gi, mouth guards, and hand pads. The sizing gis have arrived so this will help to select your correct size.

We’re also asking people who ordered jackets to bring payment to tonight’s class as well. If we get the order in this week, we may actually receive the jackets before our tournament!

If anyone has completed a CERTIFICATE sample to consider for our tournament, please bring those to class as well tonight. You can also email them to:

The BOTTLE DRIVE  is being held next Friday and Saturday so be sure to clear your schedules to come out and help!

See you at the dojo!